Opening Night. Footage by Steve Phillips

Photography by Steve Philips

Photography by Steve Phillips

An exploration of the shoemaking craft, through a playful study of luxury footwear.

These outcomes reference the high-end sneaker, stiletto and sandal to explore the nature of contemporary luxury and ostentatious display. In a desire to maintain the integrity of the handcrafted shoe, each component, from heel to upper, is hand-made specifically for this installation. Through the application of material, form and artisanal techniques, these shoes are a study of temporal, monetary and aesthetic values. Use of the diamond refers to preciousness and extravagance, while gold, fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark features reference novelty and showiness. Neutral coloured soles are designed to evoke associations of integrity and quality, particularly when set against pure, impractical, stark white surfaces. The presentation of the shoes seeks to expand upon the often-static nature of the exhibition mode, by incorporating a ‘live’ display of models wearing the ‘luxury’ shoes.